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Classic Bonsai Club

Meets on First Sunday, 8:30-11:30 AM

Susannah Wesley Community Center

1117 Kaili Street, Honolulu

No meeting in Jan & Sep

Pacific Bonsai Club

Meets on Fourth Monday, 6:30 PM

Manoa Recreation Center

Paradise Bonsai Club

Meets on Second Saturday at a member's home. Membership is by invitation only.

Pearl City Bonsai Club

Meets on Third Saturday, 8:30 AM 

Pearl City Urban Garden Center

Next to Home Depot on Kam Hwy

No meeting in Jan

Rainbow Bonsai Club

  Meets on Second Sunday of each month,

9:00 AM

Visitors are welcome
Contact for location

Bonsai Foundation Clinic

Membership is by invitation only


Hilo Bonsai Kyoshitsu

 Hilo Bonsai Kyoshitsu is a newly formed club. Kyoshitsu means a place of teaching and learning as the club’s goal is to promote and perpetuate the art and culture of bonsai. It consists of members with a long history of bonsai experience who provide guidance and support as well as relatively new members who are learning the principles and techniques of bonsai.

Mid-Pacific Bonsai Foundation

  A 501(3)(c) non-profit foundation to exhibit, research, educate, promote, and perpetuate the art and culture of bonsai; to be the custodian of memorial bonsai in the Hawaii State Bonsai Repository, to serve as the liaison with the community, and to create international friendships through bonsai.

         c/o Fuku-Bonsai Cultural Center & Hawaii State Bonsai Repository, PO Box 6000,

         Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760  


Mokuhonua Bonsai Club


Ohana Lehua Bonsai Club

 Ohana Lehua Bonsai Club promotes fellowship and training for bonsai enthusiasts and perpetuates the art and culture of bonsai. 

Waimea Bonyu Kai

 The Waimea Bonyu Kai Bonsai Club functions as a dynamic artistic, scientific, social experience that club members continue to embrace and practice. Club membership is open to all; for info email 



Kauai Bonsai Club

Kauai Bonyu Kai



Valley Isle Bonsai Club